Eles Urethane Products Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of premium quality mannequins, forms, alternatives, props, POP displays, themed characters, 3-D signage and custom displays.

Over the past decade, we've, manufactured hundreds of proprietary molds and produced over 100,000 individual forms — providing a wide range of clients with solutions as unique as their needs.



We fabricate products in urethane, resin, fiberglass, metal and wood. We also have the capability to work with you on custom designed products to fill any of your specific requirements at our 150,000 sq. ft. facility in North York.

Eles has the capabilities and experience to design and build to suit any requirements you have.



Our team is compromised of some of the best craftsmen in the industry, including designers, sculptors, and finishers. We provide unsurpassed quality and customer service to satisfy any of your visual merchandising needs.

Eles, is continually researching new materials, design and production technologies to keep us and our customers at the forefront of the Visual Merchandising industry.



Capabilities & Facilities

At our 150,000 sq. ft. facility in North York, Eles can fabricate in the following mediums:

• Urethane (foam and fastcast) • Fiberglass • Clear Resin • Metal • Wood • Glass

With over $3,000,000 invested in the latest machinery, we can produce a wide array of products. Our equipment includes:
• Bingham 2876 Rotomolder • Clarkson Industries 350cfm injection popper • ECL whippersnapper

Where are we?

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